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The Hurworth Hunt are continuing to follow the Government guidance and the guidance issued by The Hunting Office regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hound and horse welfare is of critical importance and so the team at the Kennels who are required in the day to day care of the hounds and horses will prioritise work as necessary so that standards of care are maintained, whilst following current guidance on good social distancing practices, washing hands, etc.

Please visit the NEWS section for date specific COVID-19 updates

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & Procedures

The Hurworth Hunt takes very seriously the safety of all involved in our sport, and our duty and role in keeping our participants and the wider public safe from COVID-19.


Throughout this season we will be following the guidance and rules laid down by the UK Government and our governing body the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA). These are administered by The Hunting Office. We will adapt our practices through the season as needed.


Every practicable measure is in place to minimise the risk of transmission or infection from COVID-19. The safety of the staff, attendees, organisers and officials is taken very seriously, and we are adhering to strict social distancing and hygiene protocols, as per the current Government Guidance. We carry out a thorough risk assessment for every event type, and create an event delivery plan for each day’s trail hunting, and each event. We have a strict track & trace requirement for anyone wishing to come out with us on horseback and the Hunt Supporters Club will manage track & trace processes for foot followers.


If you have any questions relating to our trail hunting with respect to COVID-19 safety processes please do not hesitate to write to The Masters via


Summary safety processes:

  • Invitation only: No one may hunt with us who has not been invited to do so before the day

  • Booking in: Every person - whether Hunt official, Subscriber or cap-paying guest - will need to book in with Carol Pattison, the Hon. Secretary before each trail hunting session. There are no exceptions to this rule. It ensures we can manage on-the-day numbers and fulfil our legal track and trace responsibilities. Anyone not booked in will be asked to leave. You can book in by calling the Hon. Secretary who will add you to the list

  • BACS payment in advance: Anyone who needs to pay for the day’s session must pay by bank transfer in advance of the session. No cash will be accepted on the day

  • Waiting list: A waiting list will be kept of those wishing to attend where numbers have reached the limit for the day (if one is set). If you find you cannot attend the session kindly let the Hon. Secretary know ASAP so your place can be reallocated

  • Track & trace: Each person who attends a session must provide or confirm a current contact phone number for our track & trace requirements. This contact information will be kept for 21 days by the Hon. Secretary who is our Track & Trace Officer

  • The mounted Field will be split into groups of a maximum of 6 on the day. This process will be managed by the Secretary & Masters on the day

  • No sharing of food or drinks: There must be no sharing of flasks, drinks, food or anything which risks the spread of the virus. Please do not bring or share picnics or food

  • Parents will be responsible for helping younger children follow these guidelines, particularly in situations such as sharing sweets & food in the Field which is no longer possible

  • Once the session is finished, we kindly ask you to leave as soon as you have loaded your horses onto your lorry or trailers

  • We do not envisage any formal ‘lawn’ Meets to take place this season

  • We will not be planning any physical social events this season until further notice


General COVID-19 safety rules will be communicated regularly:

  • Self-assessment: You must not come hunting if you feel unwell, showing any signs of COVID-19. 

  • Social distancing: Social distancing rules always apply no matter whether mounted or on foot at parking or anywhere. The guidelines continue to recommend a distance of 2 metres but a minimum of 1 metre ‘plus’ if outside, for example

  • Safety measures: Please have hand gel and face masks in your car in case you need them in a situation where social distancing isn’t possible such as an accident.

  • Hunt Officials will be carrying gel and face masks while mounted and these will also be carried on the Hunt quad for emergencies or incidents.

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