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We are always pleased to welcome new people to the Hurworth Hunt, whether you want to follow on a horse, on a bicycle or by car/on foot.

If following unmounted, there is no set charge per day, but it is well worth joining the Supporters’ Club to keep up to date with meet details, get invites to events, and keep up to date with all the latest information.

Like any gym or health club there is a charge for coming trail hunting.  Full details are available on the Subscriptions & Information page.

Safety and insurance: The Masters require that everyone who hunts mounted has specific third party insurance to cover their liability whilst doing so, and encourage all car and foot followers to consider this and check their arrangements and ensure they are adequate. 

Third party insurance to cover you whilst engaging in hunting and other field sports is included in "Equine" membership of the Countryside Alliance, all subscribers are required to be members.  All followers are strongly encouraged to join to support the Countryside Alliance in its pursuit of our interests.

All individuals taking part in any events organised by the Hurworth Hunt must adhere to the code of conduct.

Children under 18 years old are required to wear a kite marked hat, and children under 16 years old are also required to wear a body protector. For more information please refer to the Children and Young Adults page.  Adult mounted followers may make their own decisions about whether they wish to use modern safety hats and body protectors and air jackets. We ask that silks or covers on skulls are black or dark navy, and likewise that body protectors and air jackets are in dark colours. Smart dress for mounted followers in line with tradition is an important mark of respect to the landowners, farmers and others who enable us to continue our sport.

Find out more about trail hunting by clicking on the links beneath:

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New to Trail Hunting

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