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Full subscription:

  • £680 plus Field Money (FM)

  • Farmers £530 plus FM

Midweek Subscription:

  • £400 plus FM

  • Farmers £320 plus FM

Family Subscription:     

  • First Family member pays a full sub, plus half sub for second member

Young Subscribers:

  • 25-30yo £450 plus FM / Farmers £400 plus FM

  • 18-24yo  £350 plus FM / Farmers £300 plus FM

Children & Juniors - Field Money (Cap) only at rates laid down below (applicable age is a person's age on 1st September):

  • Juniors 12-17yo who are children of farmers, landowners or subscribers - £15 per day

  • Juniors 12-17yo who don't fall into the above category - £30 per day

  • Children under 12yo - £10 per day

All children and juniors must be accompanied by an adult for the entire day, preferably mounted but if on foot must make themselves known to hunt officials. All children and juniors should be wearing a body protector and a kite marked riding hat.


Field Money (Cap / FM) will be charged at £10 per day

Other Rates

Autumn Trail Hunting:

  • Cap of £10 will be charged to visitors

  • No charge to paid up subscribers

Six-Day Tickets (inc. FM)         

  • £390 / Farmers £295

  • Under 30yo (one rate only) £240

Visitor's Day Ticket (inc. FM)   

  • £80 per day for a max of 3 days (on application to the Hon. Secretary)

Paying subscriptions

All subscriptions must be paid in full before the Opening Meet either by B.A.C.S. or Cheque.

Contact information

Carol Pattison, Hon Secretary - or ring / text 07754 701189.


Code of Conduct: Any individual taking part in any trail hunting activity organised by the Hurworth Hunt does so in agreement of the Hurworth Hunt Code of Conduct.

Contact details: When paying your subscription please provide your address, email and mobile number so we can ensure you are on the Hunt contacts list for meet updates, events, etc.

Meet Cards: Meet cards have not been printed with the country we will be covering on each trail hunting day. The location we will be setting off from (and any specific arrangements such as parking etc) will be sent via a message prior to the day to all current season Subscribers & Supporters' Club Members.

Newcomers: if you are new to trail hunting please read our New to Trail Hunting Guide and contact Carol Pattison, the Hon. Secretary, to discuss arrangements for your first day with the Hurworth.

Children: Children under 17yo and mounted must be accompanied by a mounted adult, arranged in advance by parent or guardian. Please read our Children's Guide for more helpful information.

Insurance: The joint masters require that all followers have third party insurance covering them whilst trail hunting and expect all subscribers and supporters to be members of the Countryside Alliance.

Point to Point: please contact Carol Pattison, the Hon. Secretary, at the start of the season for details if requiring rider certificates.

Photography & Filming: the Joint Masters do not permit the taking and publication of any photographic images or video footage of the Hurworth Hunt unless permission is first obtained, which will be at the sole discretion of the Joint Masters.

Hurworth Photography is our official hunt photographer, and photographs from trail hunting days and our numerous events can be viewed on the Hurworth Photography website :

Don't forget, you are welcome mounted on horses, bicycles, or on foot.

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