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Tumblers’ Club

The new season has started and so the Tumblers' Club has launched!

The Tumblers’ Club is an exclusive society, only for those who have hit the ground involuntarily while in pursuit. All taken in good spirit for an excellent cause. There is no shame in hitting the deck - it happens to everyone!  Any fallers visiting A&E will be exempt from a payment.

The fine is £10 per fall (horse and/or quad!) or £5 if paid within the week.  These funds are all donated at the end of the season to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  Payments can be made to Carrie Brown who is also in charge of keeping the tally of tumbles.

God forbid any of us end up in the Yorkshire Air Ambulance but please be honest when you do fall as you never know when we might need them.

The person with the most tumbles during the season will be awarded the much coveted “Tumble Cup” at the End of Season Party.  Some of the best names in Hurworth history are listed on the cup.  As they say, “You need to be in it to win it!”

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