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The Hurworth Hunt complies with the Hunting Act 2004 by taking part in legal hunting activities including trail hunting and hound exercise.

Every effort is made to ensure an entertaining day for all concerned. Please help us maintain the future of hunting by continuing to support our hunt by observing the objectives and rules set out here.

We hunt within the law, and with the consent and support of the farmers and landowners over whose land we hunt. The activities that we undertake include:

  • Hunting a fox-based scent: hunting an artificial line (known as a trail) laid across natural country. Our intention will be to make this as realistic as possible so that it continues to be as unpredictable and thrilling as hunting a fox.

  • Hound exercise: between individual lines and in areas of country where lines will not be suitable, hounds may be exercised on a pre-arranged or unplanned route.


Other information and instructions:

  • The Hunt Staff wear their traditional scarlet (red) hunt coats so that everyone knows who is in charge of the hounds.

  • Hounds are controlled by hunting horn and traditional methods.

  • Those following hounds across country on horses or on foot must stay strictly with the Field Master on the designated route, unless you have been asked to help with the hounds.

  • Should hounds begin to hunt a fox, please inform the nearest member of hunt staff or a hunt official, so that they can take the necessary steps to control hounds.

  • If you see a fox, the mounted field, foot and car followers should not holloa or otherwise draw hounds’ attention to it, but please raise your hat or otherwise quietly inform the huntsman so he can avoid the fox.

  • Mounted and foot followers may be required to stand around a covert to stop hounds hunting a fox or other mammals.


If you have questions about trail hunting, please check out the Countryside Alliance's "Guide to trail hunting" here.

Hunting Within the Law

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