The Hurworth Hunt Supporters' Club

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The Hurworth Hunt Supporters' Club is a group of people who have been brought together through a passion for trail hunting and all things to do with the Hurworth Hunt.  

Our aim is to put on fantastic and enjoyable social events throughout the year to get everyone from the Hurworth Hunt community together and also to raise funds to support our wonderful hunt.  Recent events include quiz nights, pizza at the pub evenings, hound exercises, and pleasure rides.

The committees do a fantastic job raising funds that are essential to the hunt and are needed to maintain the kennels, hunt vehicles, horses and hounds throughout the year.   The details of our social events can be found here, in our newsletters, and on our Facebook page

We hope that all who support and follow the Hurworth Hunt will join the Hunt Supporters' Club.  For an annual fee of £35 all members will receive a membership badge, meet card, entry into the 200 club draw, newsletters, as well as updated on hunt activities and social events.

We have produced another great calendar for 2022 which is £10 and is available from our online shop.

If this sounds like your idea of fun then please contact us by e-mail for details on how to join our ever-growing group of supporters!