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Changes to Meets this season

In response to Covid-19 we will be changing the format of our trail hunting this season.

In line with guidance and advice from our governing body, the MFHA, we will not be hosting any traditional Meets this season. While we shall continue to trail hunt by invitation or booking only we will not be holding any social gatherings as part of the day’s activity. We will follow safety protocols including riding in groups of 6 or fewer as laid out by the UK Government and in line with the MFHAs advice.

We will be working with our hosts and landowners to ensure that each trail hunting day is conducted in a Covid-secure environment with the relevant risk assessments and delivery plans required. Keeping our community safe from Covid is our first priority.

We are unable to host the general public at our larger traditional holiday Meets this year including Opening Meet, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day until further notice but we hope to welcome the public back in 2021.

If you have any questions about the season ahead please write to the Joint-Masters or Secretary:

We wish you a happy & safe season ahead and we thank you for your ongoing support of our Hunt.

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